Playing On The Actual Ps1 Console?

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Can anyone pllllleeeeeeaaaase tell me how I would be able to download ps1 games from the net (for free of course!! :ph34r: ), burn them on a blank cd, then play it on the ps1 console??

:eek: It's all very confusing to me but this is what I think I'm supposed to do...

1-download the emulator (do you even need this if your not going to play the games on your pc??)

2-get a ISO file of the game?? ;)

3- burn it onto a blank cd (I read somewhere that certain brands are better suited for this task then others?? true or not??)

4-you have to have a mod chip in your console (mine is about 5 years old, does it matter??)

Thank you in advance to anyone who responds to this with some help for a guy who's down on his luck :( :D :D :D


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Follow all of your own directions except for step 1.


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Can. Already the record must be at the speed of 4x or low. In past I was used to burn my games with clone CD from Elaborate Bytes. All games until today did work well by that. Not even one miss. Have clone DVD of the same too to PS2 games.

1-Do not need. Playstation home console already work like one.

2-Must. Instead will not have the source to the burn's software make the CD.

3-Must burn it. Instead will have the CD by blank. Usually all the brands are the same.

4-Not. Instead of it. Maybe the mod chip will block your game by being copy AND let only true.
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