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PCSX2 11/06 Test WIP


New member
Ipher has released a new PCSX2 WIP version and plugins. Many changes have been made since last build. Get it here


* 30/10/05:[-] Fixed CDVD interface to handle both 0.8.1 and 0.9.0 plugins (efp)

* 30/10/05:[-] Undocumented VU fixes by fumofumo

* 05/09/05:[-] Fixed VU-Rec crash if the pc overflowed the vumem, thanks to fumofumo!
[*] New Icon for 0.9 made by CKemu
[+] Vsync rate now selectable, current Vsync speed is default but less compatable in
some cases, option selects real vsync speed, syncs sound correctly.

* 03/09/05:[-] IOP rec & VU0rec fix, x86ptr being set in the wrong place, also a couple of vu-rec op fixes
thanks to fumofumo on irc.
[-] Slowed VSync down to actual speed, so sound isnt half the speed of the graphics,
a few more changes to counters as well, BOR works again, just slower ;p

* 30/08/05:[-] Few more changes to the counters, seems much better again, last fix killed stuff
[-] VSync rate now actually changes between PAL and NTSC, before it was stuck in NTSC
[-] Couple of changes in VIF
* 24/08/05:[-] Readded setting of Done on VIF1 TTE, added the same on VIF0
[-] Applied VIF1 FBRST fix to VIF0 too
[-] Fixed problem causing Beats Of Rage to skip and altered slow sound prob again.

* 23/08/05:[-] Did some more timing fixes, they should be a LOT more compatable now
[-] Small change to FBRST, was causing crashes if VIF was finished.
[+] Added counter copy to hold on SBUS interrupt

* 21/08/05:[-] Few fixes in the eeRec, shouldnt crash on Kingdom Hearts now, Thanks to fumofumo!
[-] Fixed a bug in FBRST and Vif1, altho theres still an interrupting problem somewhere :/
[-] Int VU now uses Single Precision (its faster) with no loss of graphics.
[-] Made sure MAC, CLIP and STATUS flags are all located on VU0.
[*] Enabled linuz´s SSE unpack code, gives a nice little speed boost, works ok Smile
[-] VU execute blocks limited to 128, seems a little faster, no loss of graphics, seems
to fix a few looping infinately issues (VU not breaking) (GiGaHeRz)
[-] Hack removed on TLBP, should hopefully work ok, doesnt seem to break anything (GiGaHeRz)
[+] Added SPU2 hack, should fix some games, not compatable with videos tho. removed fast dvd
[-] More counter stuff, also added gating to IOP counters, not totally sure on it.
[-] Added a couple of checks in VU & eeRec to make sure the constant registers werent overwritten
[-] Temp fix for the dma alignment error on GIF
[-] modified dma timings, qwc / BIAS could mess up if qwc = 1
[-] Singled out some problematic VU-Rec ops that cause FFX to hang and borkey graphics.

* 12/08/05:[*] Few more timing things, music shouldnt be slow anymore on games and cleaned up
counters a bit.
[+] Added SBUS register logging on IOP side
[-] Temp fixed a MAC flag problem in vu-rec till linuz sorts it properly
[*] Committed new logo, nice job CKEmu Wink
[*] Vu-Rec now supports non SSE2 processors thanks to kekko for the changes!

* 05/08/05:[+] Added faster Cd/DVD reads to the Advanced options (Refraction)
[-] The previous DVD/CD change by ref was just a hack, so i commited the old
version again
[-] I´ve commented out RECOMPILE_VUMI_LOADSTORE on iVUmicro.h, instead
of commenting it out in iVU1micro.c as ref did on last update,
that way is better until i fix the real problem
[*] Improved vuDIV for .x to .x cases

* 05/08/05:[-] Fixed a couple of VU-Rec ops, swapped some over to the interpreter to fix 2d
(thanks to fumofumo for the tipoff)
[-] Yes more timing stuff Razz think its as compatable as its going to get now.
[*] DVD/CD reads now considerably faster, some loading times down by 1600%!!!
Compatability still good Smile
[-] Fixed a bug in 128bit hardware reads
[-] Fixed a bug i made in VU which messed graphics up eg Frequency and Sega Tennis

* 04/08/05:[-] More IOP/EE timing fixes, Thanks for the info linuz
[-] Vsync speeds shouldnt be as insane as they were, the target was set as 1/4 the rate
instead of 1/2!
[!] 32bit timer interrupt checks arent working properly eg. overflow only works
when checking if they are equal, on target only works on overflow :/ but the checking
method which was used in SafeIOP is more accurate.

* 03/08/05:[-] Fixed FTOX in VUrec

* 31/07/05:[-] Reverted to old Branchtarget´s, seems to stop the RecUNKs
[-] Fixed the timing a bit between IOP & EE, shouldn´t need SafeIOP anymore Very Happy
[-] Removed Pointless While loops on GIF & SPR, also fixed condition where SPR0
couldn´t use destination chain mode
[!] Gating on the IOP needs checking/completing, i have no docs on it so
i can´t check the values for it, they seem different to EE :/
[-] Removed GS Stall checking on GIF, could have caused it not to send data.
[*] Added code for faster V4-32 unpacks when CL == WL
[*] x86 code kept in int format for rec instead of U8 to INT conversion (GiGaHeRz)

* 21/07/05:[-] Fixed setting of the Double Buffer
[-] Fixed the Branchtarget´s for R3000A and R5900
[*] Altered some stuff in vuflags, seems to give a speed boost Razz

* 18/07/05:[-] Removed some useless & 0xffff on Hw.c
[-] Reverted Sif changes to the old code,
gotta speak about this with refraction
[+] Added VIF1_STAT at vif1Write32, to handled the FDR bit
[-] VIF1 now clears qwc with "from memory" transfer

* 17/07/05:[-] Fixed a bug in VIF where done could be unset
[-] Fixed a couple of bugs in VU
[*] Rewrote SIF0, seems to be a bit more compatable as well
as more readable
[-] Altered the loops for vu(1/0)exec, seems to fix some graphics
without comprimising compatability

* 12/07/05:[-] Fixed VIF stop on stall occurance (refraction)
[-] Added two common funcs for source chain dmas
[-] Fixed REFE and END (even once again) in dmas
[-] Fixed interrupt i bit issue in Vif1 (on multiple i bits)

* 08/07/05:[-] MFIFO now wraps around the ring buffer when it´s full,
in both GIF/VIF1

* 06/07/05:[-] Bug in DIRECT/HL caused vif errors
[-] Recomitted old VIF0 IRQ stuff, seemed to cause problems

* 05/07/05:[-] Fixed IRQ setting for VIF0 transfers (Refraction)
[*] Removed Call/Ret from SPR1, not used (Refraction)
[+] Added some more comments to DMA stuff (Refraction)
[-] Reimplemented the old vifunpack code, since saqib´s one
had problems ´in pieces´ transfers
[-] ElfHeader now loads the data though the program headers only
[-] Removed tadr+= 16 on refe/end on dmas
[!] I´ll start commenting more the code from now on, so it´ll
be easier for us to understand every part of pcsx2, others
pls do the same kthx

* 02/07/05:[-] Added saqib vif fixes
[-] Fixed Stall canceling stat bits (VIF_STAT_INT)
[-] Fixed Stall bits clearing

* 29/06/05:[*] iR3000A now has defines same as iR5900.c
[+] Added PSXCNT_LOG

* 28/06/05:[+] Added InterlaceHack (usefull for Dinasty Warriors 3)
[+] Added SafeCnts flag, which makes very accurate iop counters,
but they make pcsx2 slower
[+] Added FastIopClk which sets the PsxClk to 86864000
[!] There are sorta hacks and will go away in time when i figure
out how to really fix them

* 28/06/05:[+] Added SIO plugin specs. Should be followed by compatible plugins Razz

* 22/06/05:[-] Console supports colors Wink

* 19/06/05:[-] Fixed D/T flags (added interrupts) at VU0/1

* 18/06/05:[-] Rather small fixes to last update in vif, replaced cyclenum
with _vif->cl, also fixed a timing issue in vif0

* 14/06/05:[-] Alot of bugs fixed in VIF. Masking was not correct so was
filling write. VIF0 was incorrect. The VIF0 Fifo was always being set to 0.
[-] dmaSPR1 now handles Transfer Tag option.
(saqib and Refraction)

* 31/05/05:[-] Fixed UNPACK´s with masking

* 29/05/05:[-] Fixed a few small timing issues with VIF1
[-] Refixed end source chain tag to add 16 to tadr

* 28/05/05:[*] Uncommented GS dma irq code
[-] Fixed some switch cases at iVUmicro.c
[-] Tested/Fixed DIS_S/MAX_S/MIN_S at iFPU.c

* 28/05/05:[*] removed CVT_S regcaching from iFPU.c. That doesn´t seem to work properly :~
[*] Added MAX_S , MIN_S to reg caching iFPU.c . Not tested but should work

* 28/05/05:[+] Added PNOR and impoved a few more MMI opcodes
[+] Few more opcodes to ix86_sse.c as well

* 26/05/05:[+] added emulated hardware cd/dvd sector decryption routines
(should make the playstation2 logo display correctly now amoung other things)
[-] fixed cdvdReadKey to get correct args sent to it, also behaves a little differently depending on args

* 26/05/05:[*] fixed a silly bug in iMMI.c pmaxh,pminh opcodes
[*] few more addes to ix86_sse.c . Linuz seemed to discovered new opcodes Razz

* 25/05/05:[+] Few opcodes added in ix86_sse.c .Few of them still needs recheck (shadow- Gabest)
[*] Added the following SSE,SSE2 opcodes to iMMI.c .

* 24/05/05:[*] PSXCLK now can be changed at the ini, defaults
to the right value (36864000) if it´s 0 anyways
[-] Fixed bug at Interpreter.c for sstates

* 23/05/05:[-] fixed a bug in iMMi.c PADDSD,PSUBSD doesn´t exist in ix86 (who added them?)
[*] Added a new prefix in ix86_SSE opcodes, it is now more clear to understand what each opcode do
that also helped to find that linuz had added an SSE2 instruction in iFPU.c bad linuz ;P
[-] PSMAXSW,PSMINSW was writing to a XMM register (the SSE version writes to MMX register) fixed..
[+] a few more SSE2 instructions needed for iMMI.c added in ix86_sse.c .
Linuz code them properly pls Wink

* 23/05/05:[+] Added Devc++ project files for compiling mingw32 with IDE Smile
[-] Added a few missing defines
[!] still my project file can´t make as fast exe as linuz´s sse build. can´t figure why yet
the problem should me around Makefile.win :~

* 21/05/05:[-] More PS1 compat fixes
[!] Seems the GPU->GS is done by the PS1DRV, gotta find out more

* 19/05/05:[+] PS1 games kinda boot now as well Wink