Emulator Problem: PCSX emulator with Tomb Raider


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I have PCSX emulator for PlayStation's games.

It works properly.

Sound OK
Video OK
Controller OK

I am just trying to play Tomb Raider from this location:

The game is zipped with 7z zipper.
Full pack of tracks in .bin format and one .cue file.
I just load Track01 into emulator and start.

FMV sequnces are playing good with wright frames limit. Sound OK.
Menu of the game works good with controller's plugin from this site.
Then I select Start Game ... Black screen and no more reactions.

What I should to do? How to load full disk game with many tracks in .bin format?

How to convert .cue file to ISO file of PlayStation with boot sector?

I like few PlayStation games.


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OK. much better is pSX 1.13 then PCSX.

'Loaded' and 'Nuclear Strike' works fine under pSX.
'Tomb Raider' still doesn't works. Please help to run it.


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You will need to run the .cue file, not the bin file. No need to do any conversions.

The .cue file has all the information needed for the emulator to know how to handle the .bin files.


Few seconds and there is:


CueMaker scans directories and creates .cue files for .bin files that are missing them. This is in response to RetroPie 4.x requiring the .cue file for psx games. There are some existing applications, however they require you to do each file individually.

More info but only for audio:


Converts between different audio CUE sheet styles.

And this:


But cue desktop must be compiled alone.
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Cue Maker OK
It works. Cue files for each one .bin files, but still it doesn't work with 'Tomb Raider',
and 'Loeded' is without music, but works.

Is it emulator problem or is it tips&trick with game?
How to run Tomb Raider?
Maybe password or other trick with control keys at startup?

Fuck You!
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Fuck You!

Ok no reason to be that aggressive to somebody that tried to help you.

Also you need just one cue file for all the bin files. The emulator will load that cue file and handle the rest.
Open whatever cue file was provided with the game using a text editor and see what is inside, it should only be a few kilobytes of size.