Game Problem: OpenEmu/FF8 'No Save Data' message when trying to switch from disc 1 to disc 2


New member
Hi all,

I'm new on here and I apologise if this kind of issue has been answered before.

I downloaded Final Fantasy 8 a few days ago and added it to my OpenEmu library. The game is spread over four discs.
I just got to the end of disc 1 and, just before I saw a screen saying 'Please Insert Disc 2', I was made to save my game - this save actually appears as a disc 2 save (whereas my other previous saves appear as disc 1 saves).

When I got that screen saying 'Please Insert Disc 2' I closed OpenEmu. Then, in my game library, I double clicked on disc 2. Unfortunately disc 2 doesn't seem to recognise my save and cannot load it - I get a message saying 'No Save Data'!

I find this weird as I've played Final Fantasy 7 before, which was spread over three discs, and I seamlessly went from one disc to another after saving at the end of each disc and clicking on the next part. What went wrong this time? How do I fix this issue?

Many thanks in advance!!