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Nestopia UE 1.52.0


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- FLTK: Update to latest lodepng
- FLTK: Use NST prefix for data directories in build (cpasjuste)

- FLTK: Better frame timing on non-60Hz screens
- win32: Fix minor code problems (mjunix)


- Add support for Unlicensed MMC3 boards with PRG ROM over 512K
- Add support for Mapper 258 (UNL-158B)
- Add support for Mapper 400 (UNL-RET-X7-GBL)

- Remove options for 8-bit audio and sample rates below 44100Hz
- Improve heuristics for VRC2/4 boards

- Fix IPS patching in cases where patches overlap ROM region boundaries
- Improve handling of fast sequential reads to 0x2007
- Improve opcode 9c and 9e timing
- Correct implementation of PPU Open Bus
Because now sourceforge not working im adding this version as attachment.

Its win32 version to download you need to register and log in here.


  • NestopiaUEv1.52.zip
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