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Nestopia UE 1.47

Touko White

I'm cute, aren't I?
From the official page:

1.47 is out. The biggest things worth mentioning are the OS X port and
the APU desync bug being (hopefully) fixed. There is experimental support
for NES 2.0 submappers, which may or may not be 100% correct. The
cross-platformbuild now requires OpenGL 3.2.


- On-screen text when saving/loading states
- Basic NSF player
- PNG Screenshots
- Quick State Save/Load menu items
- Open Recent menu item
- Ability to pause games when configuration dialog is open
- Customizable NTSC filter options
- Support for Mac OS X

- Updated to modern OpenGL (version 3.2 minimum)

- Empty audio buffer when volume is set to 0
- Input config now accepts joystick buttons over 10


- Game Genie Sound Distortion option
- Region selection core option

- Default to "consumer" palette
- Vertical and Horizontal overscan options separated

- Fixed FDS save path


- Added support for MC-ACC (perilsensitive)
- Added NstDatabase.xml entries (clobber)
- Added support for NES 2.0 submappers
- Added support for mapper 4.1
- Added support for mapper 4.3
- Added support for mapper 23.15
- Added support for mapper 25.15
- Added support for mapper 32.1
- Added support for mapper 68.1
- Added support for mapper 71.1
- Added support for mapper 78.1
- Added support for mapper 78.3

- Reverted fix for Mapper 79
- Fixed Burai Fighter status area (perilsensitive)
- FME-7 IRQ Fix (lidnariq)
- Disabled buggy audio sync

Official site contains binaries for Win32 and has other stuff for other OS's.

Nestopia UE is the undead version of Nestopia, basically a fork to revive the project since it died in 2008. I think this could be added to the site, in the Nestopia page, with an extra note about this version.


Rookie Developer >_> <_<
tested works fine