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Nestopia 1.23


New member
A new version of Nestopia is out, mainly for optimizing performance and fixing some bugs. Check it out here

- Upgraded compiler.
- Added an option in the video dialog to automatically take advantage of other display frequencies. It's disabled by default for compatibility reasons but should be enabled for best performance.
- IDirect3DDevice9::SetDialogBoxMode() and D3DPRESENTFLAG_LOCKABLE_BACKBUFFER are now ONLY set when a menu or window is visible in full-screen mode. Improves speed and vsync timing.
- Added an option for tripple-buffering in the timing dialog.
- Emulation is now stopped upon menubar activation.
- The last selected file type in the launcher dialog is now remembered throughout the application lifetime.
- File names that are too long to fit inside the screen message field are now truncated using ellipses.
- Minor bug fixes.