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NeoRaine 1.0.2


Zoo Keeper
Another update for this Neo-Geo CD emulator born from Raine

Fixed corrupted line in the about dialog when displaying it for the 2nd time
Allow the sfx volume and music volume to be set to more than 100% (until 200%) for games with too quiet samples.
fixed crash in last resort (at start)
games which upload to the pcm area can also use savegames now (previously trying to save such a game exited Neoraine)
startup.bin becomes obsolete and is removed
last blade 2 had lost its title screen because it was trying to use dma for its uploads, it's now supported.
Pulstar gains a speed hack too.
Fixed the huge bug with the sfx sound only on the left side, it's now stereo, sorry !!!
Download from the homepage.
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