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I'm a self admited noob , but I learn fairly fast. I'm still learning a lot about PC's. I've only had one for about 5 months now.

Anyways, The reason I'm here is to learn, of course.

I have an old school Sega Genesis console with a bunch of games. Well, the other day I decided to pull it out and get it on.
I went to load the game I've had saved on my shadow run cartridge forever, and it was not there!!!

I then started another new game and saved it. When I went back to play it after dinner some time later, it was gone again!!! Well I'm thinking that the little battery in the cartridge is toasted. The same thing with my starflight game and a couple of others.

So, a friend of mine said to download it onto my PC. I thought 'What!!?? You can do that !!?'

He(my friend) said that he didnt know how, but that he had heard of it done before.

After some searching around on hear, I see that it is possible, but like I said before, I'm really new to this and am having trouble.

Is there anyway someone can help me get the emulator running on my PC so I can enjoy those oldschool games I own but cannot save???


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Well you dont need to put your game onto your computer, just download the emulator and download the games you want to play. I'll make it as simple as possible. go here, ,and download gens, its a genesis emulator. Then go to, *SNIPPED!* , and look for what games you want
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FunMott69, don't provide ROM link to someone as it is against the RULES! :cool:


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I recommed Kega Fusion

Its pretty much the best Genesis emulator out there to date, but you will probably need a pretty fast machine to run it.. If yours is only 5 months old or so I am assuming it is pretty new and is at least 1ghz, if so it should run Kega Fusion pretty well. Make sure to read all the help files that come with any emulator you choose to try. These files will usually explain everything about the settings you can configure in the emulator, and also explain how to get things going.

We can't provide links to rom sites, like mentioned earlier, but if you use a tool like google, or a bit torrent search engine, you can probably find plenty of roms for the taking.

Once you are settled in, and might be looking for new games to try out you can always check out my magazine, the link is in my signature. We review lots of classic games, and try to put out a new issue every 3 months or so..
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Thank you for the responses. Yea, I dont need help finding roms, as they are all over the web.

The main thing is that I dont know WHERE to save an emulator on my PC at. I geuss that doesnt really matter. My PC has a pentium 4 at 2.66 Ghz and 256mb of RAM.

And once it is all saved or downloaded onto my PC I'm not sure what to do after that to get it going. I'm thinking it must be REAL simple cause nobody said as much.

Thank you again for the responses, and I hope to see ya all around. :D


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You need to unzip the contents of the emulator's zip file (it's the most usual). You might use the XP zip capabilites or (free) software like 7-zip. Unzip it anywhere, the run then .exe file (fusion.exe with Kega Fusion for example). Now load any rom (game) with the emulator's menu. Unzip the roms it's not needed though.