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missROMS - a MAME32 utility


New member
I'm hoping that the post is at the right spot! If not please forgive.

missROMS is a small prog that creates two HTML files with the list of the ROMS you are missing (or are bad) along with links to them on the internet so you can D/L them.

info from the site:
MissROMS is a utility that will help you determine what ROMsets you're missing in your MAME32 'ROMS' folder.
It uses the MAME32 executable to create two HTML files listing the ROMsets you're missing and the the incomplete/bad ROMsets you have. The HTML files contain links to the missing ROMsets using www.google.com !
Tested on winXP and win2000.

site: http://www.minatsu.speckz.org/missroms/

screenshots: http://www.minatsu.speckz.org/missroms/screenshots.html

D/L: http://minatsu.speckz.org/missroms/missROMS V.1.0.zip