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Emulator Release: MisfitMAME 0.127.E released




Released on Dec 6, 2008
Based on MAME 0.127

Source changes
Added patches as suggested by Don Hodges, to fix "kill screens" in pacman,
mspacman, galaga and donkey kong. These are not new roms; the patches are
applied at run-time.

Williams Multigame (wmg) re-added, and working. Read faq.txt before running it.

shockt2w - Fixed crash, broken since 0.127

jumpbugx - Fixed multi-session bug, MT 2689 [Atari Ace]

Games Added
dkongp - Donkey Kong with a patch to fix level 22, by Don Hodges
galagap - Galaga with a patch to fix level 256, by Don Hodges
mspacmap - MsPacman with patches to fix levels 134-256, by Don Hodges
pacmanp - Pacman with a patch to fix level 256, by Don Hodges
monstrz - Monster Zero, by Nihon Game Co. (no sound)
starw1 - Star Wars (with Colour Proms added), clone/bootleg of starw/galxwars
supmspac - Super Ms Pac-Man, bootleg, by Spedic Vending
wmg - Williams Multigame (6-game version), by Clayton Cowgill

Games Removed
CPS-2 Phoenix sets (and parents), they are in MAME as of 0.128u4
Dynwar, Galaxian, sf2 (accidently left in from development phase)

For those of you who missed the 0.127.D release, MisfitMAME now emulates Jeff's Donkey Kong II conversion kit, with all the new hard levels.