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Emulator Release: MisfitMAME 0.127.B



Released on Oct 9, 2008
Based on MAME 0.127

Source changes

Removed non-working games.

- Adjusted the red area of the layout precisely

Invader's Revenge
- Added watchdog
- Added Documentation
- Identified all inputs and outputs
- Identified all sound codes

- fixed crash with fr2cd and fr2ch (broken since 0.127)

- mspacii - fixed (broken since 0.127)
- pm4n1 - fixed
- pacman25 - fixed colours
- pacmulti - fixed bug where if you died on level 1, you couldn't advance to level 2
- multipac games that have a menu - the sound is now muted when F3 is pressed
- multi10/11/13/14/15 - F3 works properly now

pgmdemo, pgmfrog
- fixed empty rom region warnings

Games Added
invrvng2 (Invader's Revenge (set 2), by Zenitone-Microsec)
jpmmunch (Muncher, bootleg of Puckman, by JPM)
pgemeni (P-Gemeni, homebrew, by Blastar)
pacgent (Pac Gentleman, hack of MsPacman, by Scott Lawrence)
phoenix2 (Phoenix2, bootleg, very similar to Batman2)
searthie (Super Earth Invasion (set 3), clone by Electrocoin Ltd)
starfgh2 (Starfighter II, bootleg of Pisces)
tst_wow2 (Wizard of Wor test rom ver 0.2b, by David Turner)
ultrainv (Ultra Invaders, bootleg of sicv)

Games Removed
wmg, f3demo, neopong, npong10, spacwarp, beast (not working)

Existing phoenix2 was renamed to phoenixd.
tst_wow was renamed to tst_wow3.