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MisfitMAME 0.113.7 released



This should be the last release on the 0.113 platform.
It is mainly for bug fixes.

Source changes

Clean unneeded files from source tree.

Removed validity check for GAME_NO_SOUND, as it makes no allowance for demos that really have no sound.

Removed unneeded validity check when ROM_IGNORE greater than region size.

Updated faq.txt and added a new file, broken.txt.

Fixed arm.c cpu core.

Fixed decodemo.

Fixed graphics corruption in froggrs.

- Enabled the multi-map feature on pacman6, pacweird, pacmn6m2, snakeyes, vectr6m, tbone, vectr6tb, ultrapac.
- Fixed crash problem on 2nd screen of the Ms. Pacman 6-map games.
- Fixed mspacii.
- Fixed protection issue with pheartb.
- Fixed dot counters in mshangly.
- Parent / clone relationships fixed.

- Some sets had no parent instead of neogeo
- cnbe had wrong width
- most homebrew games had excessive memory assigned to them
- fix graphics in shockt2w and fr2cd [JacKc]
- Rename all kof99 p roms from 152-px to 251-px.

- Add proper death sound in Twisty's Galaga Ghost hacks
- Add missing bang sound for bootlegs

Ghost Muncher
- Replace gmunch and gmunch2 with ghostmun (from MAME 0.61)
- Fix sprites being cut off near top of screen
- In the intermission, make large pacman visible

- Menu key is now F3 instead of F1
- Documented DIP 1 [Dave Widel]
- Removed patches, no longer needed [Dave Widel]

- Menu key is now F3 instead of F1

Removed graphics banking in multipac, 96in1 and superabc, and reduced memory requirements.
Superabc no longer crashes the debugger.

Games Removed
buzzard (in MAME)
fastpac (in MAME as pacmanf)
mimonkey (in MAME)
puckman2 (same as newpuck2)
pacstrm (Proper graphics roms are lost or never existed)

Games Added
arkn2hs (Arknoid 2 Revenge of Doh - World [h])
arkn2hsu (Arknoid 2 Revenge of Doh - US [h])
armdemo (ARM Demo) [Charles Doty]
bwidowa (Black Widow - set 2)
c2frog (Frog Feast on Sega C2 hardware) [Rastersoft]
gaplushs (Gaplus [h])
junohs (Juno First [h])
junohsg (Juno First - Gottlieb [h])
tempmg (Clay Cowgill's Tempest Multigame)
supergs (Super Galaxians - Midway / Silver Systems) [Sir Scotty]
timephs (Time Pilot [h])
tp84hs (Time Pilot '84 [h])

96in1b (96in1 later version) [Dave Widel]
96in1c (96in1 early version)
ghostmun (Ghost Muncher) [MAME 0.61]
hackypac (Hacky Pac) [Dave Widel]
madpac (Mad Pac) [Dave Widel]
moonwarb (Moon War - bootleg of Moon Cresta)
msnapco (Ms Pacman - Napco encrypted)
mspacmbg (Ms Pacman variant)
mspacsup (Super Ms Pacman)
pm4in1 (Ms Pacman 4in1) [Marvin3m]
pm8in1 (Pacman 8in1)
pm12in1 (Pacman 12in1)
puckmann (Namco - original?) [MAME 0.35b6]

3countb (3 Count Bout) [MGD2]
fr2ch (Mahjong Final Romance 2 - CD Bootleg)
joyjoycd (Puzzled - CD to MVS conversion) [Neht]
kof97lr (King of Fighters 97 - Lover Red) [Neht]
kof97xp (King of Fighters 97 - Xuhui Plus) [Neht]
kof97yk (King of Fighters 97 - Hack by Yukimura) [Neht]
kof98cd (King of Fighters 98 - CD to MVS conversion) [Neht]
kof98co (King of Fighters 98 - Combo by Ivex) [Neht]
kof99fc (King of Fighters 99 - Remix Pro200 Final by FCHT) [Neht]
kof99lb (King of Fighters 99 - Hack by lb70) [Neht]
mslug5fr (Metal Slug 5 - French) [Neo-Arc]
neo2500 (Neo 2500 demo)
samsh4fc (Samurai Shodown 4 - Boss Hack by FCHT) [Neht]
senkucd (Sengoku - CD to MVS conversion) [Neht]
tpgolfcd (Top Players Golf - CD to MVS conversion) [Neht]

I forgot to credit the kof hacks in the last release to the Neht team.
And, you can download it from HERE.