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Emulator Release: melonDS 0.9.2


Revision 7af5ff7

• fix JIT on ARM Macs
• add proper Mac builds
• GX: optimize single-param commands
• add recent-files menu (abcdjdj)
• add support for loading files from archives
• fix JIT bugs
• fix wifi bugs
• improve performance of save-memory writeback
• add hotkey for swapping screens
• 3D/GL: attempt fixing various bugs
• fix OpenGL scaling on hiDPI displays
• rework GPU2D for easier integration of full GL rendering
• rework NDSCart and GBACart to make it easier to implement new cart types
• add support for NAND save memory (WarioWare DIY, Jam with the Band)
• fix bugs in DSi I2C and SD/MMC interfaces
• new screen modes