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Latest mednafen and mednaffe gui


Well-known member

Mednafen 1.31.0-UNSTABLE

Notable changes since 1.29.0:
  • MD: Fixed glitches and hang in the Europe release of "Donald in Maui Mallard".
  • PC-FX: Expanded external backup memory from 32KiB to 128KiB, to match the amount of memory in an FX-BMP.
  • PC-FX: External backup memory will now be saved to/loaded from its own file, instead of being appended to the internal backup memory in the same file. For backwards compatibility, there is support for initially loading data from a combined 32KiB+32KiB file; however, the additional 96KiB of external backup memory will be unusable by the game in this case due to existing filesystem structures.
  • SASPlay: Added support for "Air Walkers".
  • SNES-Faust: Added mouse emulation.
  • SNES-Faust: Fixed color math glitch in "Final Fantasy V" when Exdeath is holding the opaque white sphere party hostage.
  • SNES-Faust: Fixed broken ExLoROM support, used by a "Heartthrob Memorial" translation patch.
  • SS: Added experimental support for ST-V games that don't require decryption chips or special hardware. Refer to the ST-V section of the documentation for more details and a list of explicitly supported games.
  • SS: Fixed missing and glitchy graphics in "Houkago Ren'ai Club: Koi no Etude".
  • SS: Fixed graphical glitches in "Radiant Silvergun" at the start of a new game begun after interrupting the attract mode, or game over, while a fancy rotating background was present, such as during the AKA-O battle.




mednaffe 0.9.2​

  • Added support for gamepad navigation through game list.
  • Fix Gen/MD 6-buttons controller input mapping.
  • [Windows] Fix issues when non-ASCII characters are used in paths.
  • [Windows] Add an option to allow larger fonts for game list.
  • [Windows] Add dark variants for themes.
  • [Windows] Fix failure to find configuration inside bin/ or lib/ folders (patch by mayawarrier).
  • [Linux] Fix joystick support on 32 bits (patch by not-a-user).
  • [Linux] Flatpak is available on Flathub (thanks to GabMus and hfiguiere for the help).