I need this cable!


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I have hooked up to my Sony TV, Digitalb HD ,a high definition decoder via HDMI and my PC also via HDMI. My sony tv has only 2 HDMI.

My playstation sits at my other TV panasonic, but when i asked my cousins , and friends they see big difference between this 2 tvs. So i want to hook up my Playstation via component cable 1080p.

What i am asking is , a cable component HD that will support maximum resolution and , that is compatible with my TV SONY BRAVIA 26 B 4030.

Just tell me , any link , only not Ebay and Amazon.

Buy.com or bestbuy or anything that i can buy as a guest.

Many thanks in advance.


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Killer of all evil
Sorry for the late reply, i was busy buyin from ebay :). Anyway i found one which will support the max resolution 1080p, i ordered it 2 November ,and it shipped NOv 3 ,and still havent come ,damn that china air mail :) . At least the product description said it could support 1080p resolutions.


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I don't think you understand.

Just because it can support it, doesn't mean you'll get it. If your TV or Game console does NOT allow 1080p over the component connection you just wasted money for nothing. Assuming you didn't get scammed by some Chinese fag