How would I go about making a patch?


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I'm very curious, and have been for awhile. I tried to look through the rom with a hex editor (I assumed I was supposed to, probably wasn't) and all I saw were some random assortments of letters. I saw what look like an alphabet, but it stopped by the letter "p" and was structured like A..B.C.DE..F.G.H.I..K (etc., pretty uneven.) So yeah...after seeing two new very interesting patches, my interest was sparked again. So, could someone at least tell em the basics? Yes...I googled it, didn't fin what I was looking for (but sort of got SOMEthing about NES, being a total newbie though, I didn't understand how to execute it).


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Please don't take this as an offense, but if you can't find he info to do this, you definitely won't be able to do it. A simple Google search would have gotten you the answer.
Real hacking is very difficult. Try checking a site like for some info.


That Guy Nobody Knows...
Very very late reply, yes...I know. Anyway, actually was the place I went to that sparked my interest...hmm...well, I'm probably not commited enough to try making a patch, but out of curiosity, is it anything at all like hacking into a game? Probably bears no resemblance to comething like hacking health in a game, but perhaps sort of like in PSO, changing a charcter's name, parameters, symbol, etc.? Just curious at this point. :)
Oh, one more thing: no offense taken. ;)
Argh...I apologize, but there's probably a good chance nobody really cares to hack a game like, as another example, like editing a save state off of ZSNES.
Man, I really should think about it a little more next time. >_<
Oh, and for anyone that does play worries, I don't really play online.
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