How do we bypass GameGuard?


That Guy Nobody Knows...
1st: If this is not allowed (I didn't quite see anything saying this wasn't, but I may have skimmed the rules too quickly) then by all means, PLEASE lock this thread and/or delete it.
Anyway, onward! I do not want to anyone to say "To Bypass GG rev XXX, you have to...blah blah blah" Quite frankly-I don't care. What I mean by this topic is "How do you guys figure it out?", not "How do you guys do it because I'm a leecher and want the game to get patched." :dry:
So how do you guys do it??? Do you trial and error? Do you actual have some mind-blowing thought process you go through? Look for specific things happening with a memory viewer while a game is booting up? I'm new to the hacking scene and can only make Codebreaker codes for games on PSX and such...anyway, really long post, if you read all this then you probably have more patience then me. Anyway, sorry for wasting like 10 minutes of your day and such, didn't mean to...
Oh, and any responses that are productive/warn me about rules of this forum are welcome and appreciated. :)