how do i play another game w/o exiting epsxe?


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on ePSXe160, there seems to be no Close button and the Open ISOS/CD buttons are grayed out. it's annoying that whenever i want to play another game, i have to exit the whole program and restart it again. any way around this?

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Well, if you really wanna achieve switching games without restarting epsxe there's a pretty simple way. When you're done playing one game - just hit Escape, once your back to the main window - switch games (if your using CD-ROM) and reset the game from within the emulator. Problem solved. Or, for ISOs, do the same but instead of switching discs, go Change Disc > ISO then choose your new game. After is goes back to the game screen hit escape again and then reset. But, you know... it may just be quicker to restart the emulator itself. ;) :p

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