how can i rip a gamecube game a into .gcm file?


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gamecube discs do not run backwards, and this is how you prove it:
1) Tke the disc out of the gamecube and turn it on
2) push the laser to the back of the console
3) close the lid, wait a second and open it up
4) you should notice that the gamecube has moved the laser back to read the disc from the inside out.

hope that clears something up.
we all are waiting for the reply


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@yugiohmaster: Using the GC's BBA (Broad Band Adapter) plugin with network cable to your PC / Router, but with no "emulator", just some apps
Is that accurate? Can you tell me what is different about the file structure of a .gcm compared to an .iso? I was always under the impression that it was just a different name for the extension.