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It's not a word in any language. Google comes up with 0 matches. He's just being quaint in the classic M.H.A.Q.S. style.


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Motherfucking Homosexual Ass Queer Settler

Thats a funny name to have, no wonder you abbreviate it.


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Ab aya na oonth pahar kay neechay,

Why can't you guys accept it, there are numerous words in languages that are not translatable into other languages.


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They may not be directly translatable but a word in one language has to have a similar meaning to a word in another language.


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Yes I agree, but does this mean anything to you guys,


It means: A man who deals for women or something of his own, for money.

It probably doesn't mean anything in your language.


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A Pimp?

M.H.A.Q is right though, punjabi/ hindu/ urdu etc is a damn hard language to translate because so many words aren't in the english dictionary. I can't think of an example right now though.

Kutah keh bucheee!!!


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Whoops, i said that wrong. Maybe i should polish up on my hindu speaking skills, for as it appears right now. I have not so much :blink:

Meant to say Kutee keh Bucha (means 'son of a bitch' i hope)