Homestar Runner


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It's pretty neat.

That one thing was hilarious, "No two people are not on fire."

The Hedgehog

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Trogdor is teh shiznat.


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Has anybody seen the 'Teen Girl Squad' movies? The first one was genius, and the others were kinda just the same, but stupider.

Homestar Runner is probably the best flash site: way better than Newgrounds the music is actually good, the characters are great, and it has Strong Bad. The Strong Bad emials are the best part of the site IMO.

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That's the pot calling the kettle black.

Haha, black. Paranoia strikes again?


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"That guy doesn't smell any good."

Strong Bad: Ahh the self proclaimed king of town, like you aren't an easy target for my witty chance* and clever putdowns, what ever will I say?"

The King of Town: Do you have anything relatively edible in that cooler?

Strong Bad: No. You're fat.

*Not sure about the word used.