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Homebrew on PSP 1.5

Hello Everyone, PSP-Dev have release Swap Exploit v2.

Posted on Thursday, June 16 2005

The PSP Dev team have released a new version of their Exploit to enable 1.50 owners to use emulators and homebrew on the PSP. Heres whats new:

First version had a bug. It's fixed this time.
Linux version has been added too.

You could Download the file from this swap exploit page here --> http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/SwapTrickExploitforPSP15.shtml

Please fully read manuals! :eek:mg_1:

A few others at another forum I vist frequently have already ran it and works. There are two Methods so Read Manuals and tyr both.

Source: http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/


well this might be a reason to buy the psp.
got like $100 bucks in the piggybank.
gonna see if i can to something to make cash and buy the psp.
the_ghost said:
I hope this is true
(too bad I dropped my psp in the toilet)
now I got to buy a new one

Its is true, in another forum I go, which has always been reliable There are many that have success already, i would test it on mine but mineis being shipped to Sony for exchange. So if i get back an un updated PSP I can test it, But I sure and have always trusted the DCEMU people.


O.G. (Original Gamer)
the_ghost said:
(too bad I dropped my psp in the toilet)

Ooh, that sucks.
Why so long to post news?

It's been used by many already and yet the last news update is the apple/intel.... i though this was an "emulator-zone" site. UPDATE Already :D !

TESTED the swapoit (or exploit as we all call it) that allows PSP 1.5 and below to run homebrew with the PSPGenesis Emulator realeased by sougen on Jun 17, 2005, I have had a great sucess running it, I am about to figure out how to to get a few more emulators running tonight, but if anyone wants to give it a try the genesis emulator is at http://www.dcemu.co.uk/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=6889
and the MSwap tool can be found at http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/
as well as any other psp realted material you might need.

:beta: IT WORKS YAY!
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thats good to hear. but damn its hard getting the money to buy this thing hopefully i'll have the money in less then 3 weeks.
just remeber not to update the psp. if you have 1.5 installed on the psp you buy youll be fine, try to get psp 1.0 you wont need to use this swaping of memory cards with a psp 1.0


alright thanks, btw a great opertunity just came up. i might be able to get the PSP in a MUCH shorter time. maybe in this week.

EDIT: i also went on the site and thier running commercial games on the PSP so im confused when you say homebrew games.
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Commerical Games? Not yet

Homebrew simply means, custom made applications. Apps. that are written by coders who simply want to find their limits and see how far they can go creating emulators, games, programs for their hardware. (Just trying to help with the confusion)

Commercial games running?? I know thiers an Emulator PSPE (PC Emulator for PSP) that is "supposely" supposed to be running the emulators and homebrew games "for" the PSP, (like a tester for those without the luxury of a PSP)

Also PSP ROMS (or ISOs) have been made by a group of coders (Paradox) They have successfuly ripped the UMD and can put a game in a Memory card, CD, etc. But we have no way of launching those "pirated" materials yet on any PSPE or PSP 1.0, 1.5

Alot has happend since March 25, 2005. The PSP has quiclky grown in the Emulation Scence and wouldnt be too surprised to see some attempt at a Playstation 1 Emulator by next spring (we thought 1.5 could not be cracked but it was!) so we are sure to be seeing more cracks, more full speed on emulators without having to use the full 333mhz. and a GBA/n64 and above compatible emulator by the end of the year if not by mid 06. (just being optamistic) the only type of emulation psp might not ever see is a PS 2, Xbox, DS, Dreamcast(maybe we might see but way later) and of course WE WILL NEVER EVER SEE PS3, XBOX 1.5, and Revolution everything else seems reasonabily douable

the ripped ISOs isnt so far though in my opinion of being runned on all psp's I am quessing they could do the same type of expliot (swaploit) for it until sony decides to require the update to run their games. (alot more AES security cracking fun for the coders)


i know what homebrew means. and i meant that you confuse with like the title of the thread. cuz like i said before i visited the site you have posted here and thier running commercial genesis games on the psp. do you mean homebrew reffering to the emulator. if so just say "emulator for(insert system)" next time.
oh ok , i will next time


emu wizard
cool, now I gotta buy another one
Im gonna see if could also get a memory stick PRO with it (not the PRO DUO)
memory stick Pro's hold a much larger capacity than the PRO DUO(PRO holds as much as 4gb while the PRO DUO holds 256mb). But I will need to get a special adapter to fit the PRO into the Psp.


ok how do i tell what version the psp is. im might be able to go get it today but when i called the store the shopkeeper had no idea what i was talking about. so is thier something on the box that says the version or what? i need to know before i goto buy it.


just wondering if i do get a psp version 1.52 is thier some way i can change it to 1.50.

btw this wasn't a double post cuz i would've edited if i could.

No thier no way of Downgrading the firmware to 1.5 or below. You have what you get at this point. You could try looking at the box for the Manufacturing date if its anything like from May or even this month they should "Hopefuly" still be 1.5's. YOur best chance is an online place (as insecure it may look) you will have a better chance at getting what you need. Online you could end up with a 1.0 (which emulates without the Memory swap) or a 1.5 which requires the Swap tool.

Good luck hunting PSPs

And to the PRO DUO versus DUO
It is true that it goes up to 4gb on the PRO cards and there is actualy an adapter for about $20-$40 which was actually designed for the SOny Ericson P800 cell phone which will work with your PSP.

The PRO DUOs GO up to 2GB and have been know to go for $399 and higher (WOW) a gig is about $150 :fuckyou: SANDISK :fuckyou: is all i got to say to these WONDERFUL Prices. (Sarcasm)
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hey man thanks for the advice. but isn't the manufacturing date on the inside of the box?

about the memory sticks i too think that sandisk is WAY overpricing. but the cheapest place to get(i think it's the cheapest) the memory sticks is at this site called tigerdirect. here the link to where the memory sticks are. tigerdirect is by far(in my eyes) the best place for any of your computer needs and for some other electronics. i bought my 19" LCD moniter at a tigerdirect store for only about $300!

EDIT: okay folks lets celabrate :msn_cake:
i went to ebgames and they had the psp so i bought it along with the usb cable. luckily it was 1.5.yay!
But i forgot the second memory card, DAMN!!!
but that ebgames guy gave me a hard time and i felt like given his ass a good right hook and numbing the entire left side of is face. ohh well poor punching is gonna get a good beating tonight.
still happy though. :D
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New member
Serials and finding firmware 1.5

After a little shopping experience, I know the following serial numbers and firmware matches...

Serial PP119977*** ships with 1.5 from WalMart
Serial PP126****** ships with 1.51 from CompUSA
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