help with save states on fceu 97.5 emulator


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Hello to all out there,

Can somebody out there help me out with this.

I just downloaded some save files from this site.

These files are supposed to take you straight to gannon in Zelda 1.

But when I try to load the files, the emulator says
"State # Load Error".

Now, I even tried to enter the directory that the files were in, but still nothing.

If you can help me out with this, please email me at

Thanks in advance,


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May be the save is not for the emu, or the save is not of this version of the game or the region of the game is not as of the save. The save may be corrupt and there are numerous other possibilities.

Try searching for another save.


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The rom and the save must have the same name.
If the above doesn't solve the problem this is due to region as M.H.A.Q.S. stated.
For example you have the European rom and the save is for the USA one.
I suggest trying saves from this site.