help with gba files


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okay i have some gba roms
they downloaded as .rar files
these did not work on the vba so i changed them to .gba files
this did not work either
i get a white screen now on vba
please help in getting these files to work on my vba


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They are in an .RAR file.
Its like a .ZIP file only slightly different.

You need a program such as WinRAR to unpack .RAR files.

go to and download WinRAR, its free to use.

Then rename your files back to .RAR and open them. You will find the rom inside the .RAR file.


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With WinRAR you can convert directly a .rar file to a .zip file, using the Convert File option (Tools --> Convert Files).

Once the convert files panel opens:

- Click Compression button.
- Pick zip option.
- Compression method: The best.
- Accept or OK.

Storing the ROMS on a ZIP format is very useful when you have a large ROM library and wanna make some space. I keep my ROMS in a ZIP format and I saved about 2GB of free disc space. ;)

Maybe in the future emulators will be compatible with RAR format. I hope so :unsure: