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There doesn't seem to be many Amiga emulator users here since my last question regarding a game on WinUAE gathered 75 views but 0 replies, but since the WinUAE site is down at the moment I might as well try a question here.

I've been trying to get Hacker (the first Activision game from 1987) to play in WinUae. I have a couple of copies of the game but none work so it's doubtful (but not impossible) that I have a faulty ADF-file.

Been using every quickstart setting on the new public beta version (1.5.4) as well as the previous version but the emu just checks the disc for a few sectors and then restarts. Got the same effect in WinFellow.

Tried to make a search on Google but since 'Hacker' is one of the search words it's hard to find anything related.

Ideas or experience anyone?


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According to Lemon Amiga, the game only works with KickStart 1.1, although there is a WHDLOAD (whatever that is) fix that allows it to work with later versions.

This was apparently released in 1985, so I would guess that being designed for the very first series of Amiga's you want to set the machine up in WinUAE the same as the early 80's models.


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Great! If not for the fact that KS 1.1 seems to be the only version I don't have :(
Never mind, I'll solve that and try it later.

WHDLoad is a tool to make games and demos installable on a virtual Amiga harddrive. A great thing if you don't want to fiddle with adf disk files.

Thanks for the help, I'll post back when I see some result.


I spent about an hour on the EAB Forum and found out the ADF files out there is faulty. I needed an IPF version of the original disc, Could be useful info if anyone else ever comes across this problem.
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