General ePSXe Setup and Configuration


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ok ive followed the directions listed here and when i get to the point of trying to open the emulator for the first time i get this

where do i go from here

got the same message


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well crud i hate that they (game companies) keep the copyright for stuff they dont make or sell any more lol ex : psx,atari,yada,yada. so im just gonna try to find the comm cable and stuff as i own my first psx still just cant find the power cable lol


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I hope this gets look at. I have been trying for over 4 years to get the ps1 emulator for just 2 games (grand turismo 1 and 2) so far everyone has been able to get a fully working pse and I have not been able to get it. So far step by step instructions have failed and even you tube videos keep failing. Either the written steps are so confusing that I need help with, or such steps like in the video I saw i got everything until it kept saying i was missing 1 file, then another then another until i go fed up with it. All i want is those two games so i can play them with a friend. Can anyone truly help me with this? Seriously I am thinking be so much better to just pay for it than all this 4 years wasted looking to make it work.


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I have the latest Emulator but the Problem is that I don't know how to get it running properly epxse 1.9.0 is the version I am currently using and it is causing a lot of problems and Can you help me out with this? I am deaf BTW and I don't communicate very well. But I am sure you would understand my situation. The Problem is that whenever I try to load the Legends of Dragoon game and it goes blank and nothing appears on the Screen at all and I need this sorted fast so that I can try and finish off the game.
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who are u talking to??? me?? if that is me that u are talking too please answer me thru proper channels!!!!!

If someone does not quote they generally are referring to the post above them. So yes that would be you. Now here you go, making the same mistake if you will? Further what is this proper channel nonsense? You said you were deaf not blind? The normal means of communication on a forum, is to post on the forum. So why are you upset with what Mupen64 Man
did? What exactly do you want from us?


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I have problem With PSCX 2 0.9.6 .... when i run the cd it says that the BIOS file is missing, so what do I do? If I need to download the BIOS file can someone put the link here 'coz I can't find it....

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I have an LG Aristo 2 Android, and am looking for a free playstation 1 emulator that has 16x speed capability. Preferably from a source that doesn't come with adware that automatically creates a large amount of unwanted notifications, and an extract option included in the emulator.

I've had a PS1 emulator before on a different device without any problem, and I remember just needing to download the emulator and roms (no zipfiles as the emulator came with an extract option and no PS1 bios). I know it exists. Please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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you're missing ASPI layer, give a try to forceASPI. If you're using win 2k/Xp you can switch to SPTI (IOCTL).

Anyway, to use an *original* FF9 PAL CD on ePSXe, you'll need the specific patches. Get only the Omegle tv files for your region (PAL UK). Then unzip the patches (.ppf) to ePSXe "patches" folder, then rename each one acording its respective CDs: In FF9 CD number 1 main folder there is a file named "SLES_029.69". Rename the .pff exactlly as that file, the same for the other CDs, but note the SLES_#.29.69 will have "1", "2", and "3" instead "#".
Don't forget to and leave them on the "patches" folder. Should load OK then