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Tech News: Gamesdale - the Next Gen Emulator Frontend


New member
So, I just realized I've been looking at this site for emu news for years and never registered on the forum, haha. I wanted to announce my new emulator frontend project.


Below is the announcement text. Please spread the word. It should be interesting to all emulation enthusiasts.

Throw Out Your Game Consoles and Build an HTPC With This Emulator Frontend

For some time, actually playing emulators on your living room TV as the game developers intended required some sort of compromise: you either cobble together a complex DIY setup that works most of the time, get some all-in-one package that works well but only with the oldest systems, or pay for all your old games all over again to get the butchered re-release on a modern console.

Those days are over, says TriClover. Their new project "Gamesdale" is an emulator frontend promising a professional level of ease-of-use while still letting the user set up the individual emulators -- a necessity given that Gamesdale is targeted at the latest high-end emulators for systems like Wii and PS2, where frequent updates are still a great benefit to playability and compatibility of individual games. Letting you keep control over the emulators is also great for people tweaking their emulated games to look even better than the "hd remasters" of their games -- and still want to be able to show it off to their friends without having to give them a tutorial on how to use the system.

The Kickstarter is also very specific about its intended use on a "Home Theater PC" (HTPC) in the living room, explaining how it can be used entirely with a controller, but having the mouse and keyboard is needed to get into the setup, making it safe to let your little sibling play without the possiblity of them getting into the configuration and changing anything.

Unreal Engine 4 allows Gamesdale to be driven by either simple 2D menus like most frontends, or exist in a full 3D scene with adjustable camera and clips of each game playing on a realistic TV as you scroll through your ROM collection.

A full copy of Gamesdale can be secured at the $10 reward level. Kickstarter only works if the project meets the funding goal before the deadline, however, so emulation fans better get it while they can.