GAMECUBE Emulator for MAC?!?!?!

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Thanks, Lefteris D, that's what I needed to here. And yes I knew that emulator authors probably weren't here, but I couldn't seem to find an "emulator author zone" ;) and this place is where i get all of my emulators, so I came here.


The Old Kid?!
Heh heh, I came back like what, two years later? Wow I got pissed off there. Apologies everyone!:) Past self, you....... you suck.

Anyways, some fellows were starting a GameCube emulator for Mac as far as I can see now. But I don't think they got very far.....

"gcube is a gamecube emulator for linux, windows and mac os x.
Compatibility is still very low so don't expect much."

Mac Users who want a GameCube emulator feel free to contact me on -- DELETED --. I can help you out here.
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Originally posted by: onewecallgod
you shouldnt state your opinion when you dont know what you're talking about. first of all, cater to the masses: when over 90% of computer users use some sort of Windows OS, who are you going to write an emulator for? you guessed it, windows. most real professional animation artists render their animations with super computers, such as SGI deallies (something i learned recently). we can argue all day on whats better macs or PCs, but at the end of the day, you lose. we have far better compatability, we have a far better record, we have a far better innovation and hell, macs at the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 will be a PC. sorry mac fanboy, you're not going to be special anymore, though you havent been special for a long time. Steve Jobs happens to be a master at marketing making you believe that.

Wow! you obviously do not know what you are talking about onewecallgod. To start off, if you are implying that super computers are running windows, guess again! If there is any operating system that is terrible in security and such a resource hog, it has to be windows. Most super computers are ran off POSIX standard operating systems, one very similar to that of what a macintosh uses. Mac OS X is a far more advanced operating system as it is a version of freebsd, a unix os and much older than Windows. Therefore it has a higher compatibilty ratio in the open source world. Also, most computers are not windows based. They are indeed linux or unix based. As most computing technology are servers and researched based, they need stability and reliablity that windows cannot offer. Only end users, like yourself, use windows and mac os x. Now I am all for PC, i actually own a PC server that fits nicely on my rack (A 1U size!!!), I use it as a basic NAT server and for compiling i386 architecture programs (NOT WINDOWS!!) but i would not dare to install windows on it. Plus how dare you to say to others what a fanboy they are. What total hypocracy there! You are preaching about how great a pc is without providing real evidence. At least some people on the other end can claim some facts about apple computers. You obviously need help researching and providing facts on technology a little better.

Now as for your question, Zephyrkage22, I have taken a look at gcube source and unfortunately the project leader decided not to work on it anymore. I will try my best to program it but there are no guarantees. I will try to keep everyone informed as to the progress of my success.


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There's a good possibility tho, lol. Both Mac and GC run on a PPC Processor and there is a PPC emu for the Mac which runs older versions of Mac at full speed & the RAM is synced. The GC is just a slightly diff code.

Also, I am a MAc usre but I run Windows on it as well. I am not a n00b, tho.

I noe plenty about Mac.

But then again, just play on your GC for now. Do you have the game for GC?

Just wanna noe.

EDIT: @ njstaticuser

You just owned this kid with that explaination, nice work.
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Did you read the rules ? No email address given allowed. You can help out right here.. Not an email.
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What is this "no email" report about? Last I checked that was in relation to asking for or supplying ROMS.. Not to cripple free speech about Emulation...

Secondly.. DO NOT GRAVEDIG.. I know this one is on the rules page.. This is the only warning I'm going to give to anyone in this thread.

Third... I'm not sure how anyone thinks they just "pwned" onecalledgod, because quite frankly, I should get a medal for having to read that enormous block of text. Half the points brought up in it are irrelevant and have nothing to do with what OCG was talking about.

To start off, if you are implying that super computers are running windows, guess again!

He never said that. He said 90% or more of computer USERS use a Windows OS of some sort. That is an indisputable fact of reality. Go to a store to buy a PC and what do you see? 95% of the computers sold in Stores are WINDOWS BASED PC's. 1% these days probably Lindows (or whatever its called) thanks to Walmart. The rest are Mac Notebooks.

Mac's are prohibitively expensive and the only people buying and selling them on TV are posh idiots who have money to burn and lack the mental accuity to figure out even a modern windows OS. It's NOT that hard!

Also. Where is your data that supports Mac's having a superior Operating System? Just because it is based on BSD and open source is largely a Linux based movement, doesn't automatically make it better. I want empirical data, no anti-MS fanboy conjecture.

Consumer PC's are outnumbered by Business and other Private machines? Data please... We live in a world where 1 PC or more per household is fast becoming the norm. The sheer number of people in the world would dictate that the popular OS in the consumer Market would be very close to, if not at the top of the list.. But this is all irrelevant, because we are not talking about Business machines, government PC's, underground super-industrial computers, or their operating systems. OCG's original comments were likely based on the assumption that we are discussing CONSUMER home computers, because that's what this whole damn thread is about - a product for consumer home computers.

Windows servers are rock solid, by the way.. Some guy serving Warez out of his dorm on Windows 98 doesn't count.

By the way, this may come as a shock to you.. But the day when Linux and Mac OS are far more popular than they are now, and are ready to seriously compete with Windows in the market - you will be seeing all these so called security holes and viruses "you would never get if you didn't have Windows" suddenly show up on these operating systems. The fact of the matter is the near entirety of the cracker and malicious coding resources around the world are focused on Windows based PC's..

But why? D'oh! Because MOST of the PC's used by consumers across the world are on x86 based PC's with a WINDOWS operating system.. The most populous OS will ALWAYS be the king target.

So please... go back and sit down, and if anyone reading this thread gravedigs again, I'll frigging ban you. :fuckyou:

This thread is being closed to prevent further gravedigging... and to prevent anyone else from embarrassing themselves.
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