Game intro's on the psp emulator


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ok I just got my psp yesterday and im already trying to hack it and play emulators on it.
So I got some "EBOOT.PBP" files from another forum.
This is what i did.
I uploaded it and put EBOOT.PBP under This folder:

/PSP/GAME/Ridge Racer/

as you may know sony has updated the psp bios so it can no longer play Homebrew APPS/GAMES/EMULATORS, but to my surprise when i opened it from the games folder on my psp it actually showed the UMD games intro to the game from my memory stick. cool . and im using the psp with the updated bios "1.5"

now just for the hell of it I downloaded the psp emulator from another site

I placed the same eboot.pBp like this
Spoiler »

Spoiler »

And i got the same results that i got from the real psp
Spoiler »
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Is the menu the only thing you can see or can you actually run the game/program? If they manage to bypass the bios restrictions I might get a PSP.


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no its just the intro or a screen saying "press start button" no in game menus or any of that stuff yet.
but as you can see progress is being made on both the emulator and the psp itself.
on the emulator its just a still shot of the intro screen.
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In the emulator, press Enter key and the game should start - or attempt to start.

Tell us what happens.


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I really want this site to add tools for PSP too. Not just the Emulators. Cuz this is my favourite site :mad:
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