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FB Alpha Enhanced R12


Zoo Keeper
* Added Update made by BisonSAS to the Epos driver originally made by IQ_132 [ThanX to BisonSAS]
* Added Quiz Olympic driver & Route 16 drivers by IQ_132 [ThanX to IQ_132]
* Organized inputs for CPS-3 driver, they should be pretty easy to configure now =).
* Separated CPS-3 games from Miscellaneous games, now there is a Checkbox in the filters tab.
* Added 'all' region fake clones for the CPS3 drivers (NOCD) using patches.
* Fixed the parent CPS3 drivers, now they don't crash, they show the normal advice that there is no CDROM.
* Fixed problems with the GameList and the CPS3 NOCD clone drivers.
* Fixed sfiii3 romset, now it have the correct SH-2 Bios "sfiii3_usa.29f400.u2" not the japan one from other romset.
* Added CPS3 titles comments in "d_cps3.cpp" over each one of the romset structures.
* CPS3 NOCD romsets now are parents of the fake clones and not clones of the CHD romsets.

* Added a new menu item 'CPS-III Settings -> 'Enable FastBoot' & 'Enable SpeedHacks',
* These options make it posible to use or not use the features. They don't affect gameplay and they don't cause any type of guru meditation.
* I Verified & Updated latest CPS3 driver with all CPS3 romsets, DIPs, CleanUp and the region patching code.
* Now every game is playable and there are no guru meditations of any kind.
* ! Added OopsWare latest update to the CPS-3 driver, it includes sound & more speed.
* Added update made by IQ_132 to his 'Quiz Olympic' driver. [ThanX to IQ_132].
* ! New Feature: "View Romset Information" - it will let you see all the selected driver roms, crc32, size and type of rom.
* It display the romset name, total size in different ways (Bytes, KB & MB) and the number of files in the romset ^^.
* Added Update made by BisonSAS to the 'Quiz Olympic' driver originally made by IQ_132 [ThanX to BisonSAS]

Download from the release thread.