epsxe "No Buffer Available" error


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Emulator: epsxe v1.6.0
Bios: spch7502
Video plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 v2.7
Sound plugin: epsxe spu core 1.5.2
CDRom plugin: epsxe cdr wnt/w2k core 1.5.2

Video config:
Plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.7
Author: Pete Bernert
Card vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
GFX card: RADEON 9800 x86/MMX/3DNow!/SSE

- 800x600 Window mode
- Internal X resolution: 1
- Internal Y resolution: 1
- Keep psx aspect ratio: off
- No render-to-texture: off

- Filtering: 6
- Hi-Res textures: 0
- TexWin pixel shader: off
- VRam size: 0 MBytes

- FPS limitation: off
- Frame skipping: off
- FPS limit: 200.0

- Offscreen drawing: 1
- Framebuffer effects: 2
- Framebuffer uploads: 1

- Scanlines: off
- Mdec filter: off
- Screen filtering: on
- Shader effects: 0/1
- Flicker-fix border size: 0
- GF4/XP crash fix: off
- Game fixes: on [00000002]

Graphics card: Radeon 9800 XT
CPU: Athlon XP 1800+
Ram: 256MB x2 (512 total)
[edit]OS: Windows XP Pro SP1[/edit]

Please help, if you need any more info please ask.
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try using Pete's OpenGL 1.76


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I attempted, but only got a black screen upon trying to run the game. I'll try burning an image and converting it so I can mount it directly with the emulator, and see how that goes.