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End support of 32 bit oses and aplications


There will no more 32 bits every linux drops support for that the same with android apps in google play.

And i read that the same with drivers for windows also there will be no more 32 bits software.

If i gather more info i will write here.
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I mean, if you still need to run a 32 bit windows os, chances are you have very old hardware, over 10+++ years old.

Same with linux, people are making distros for old PPC macs, I am sure there will be some reasonably updated 32bit x86 distros.


There will be no 32-bit Windows 11. But 32-bit apps will (mostly) still run on 64-bit windows.

It will not be possible to run 16-bit apps (such as you might find on windows 3.1) on 64-bit. For this you just use an older machine.


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Yep, at some point legacy code needs to go away, that is 16 bit.

You will be still able to emulate through things like dosbox. But professionals, people like accountants etc that are still stuck on old software will need to upgrade.