Emuloader 4.6.2 Released!


Staff member
Here is what is new in version 4.6.2 of this MAME frontend:
  • Fixed
  • ROM names were not being handled correctly
  • CRC32 checksum of merged games were not being handled correctly when refreshing games
  • All options in MAME Configuration screen can be used when creating custom settings for games, including "MAME Plus!" and "No Name MAME" builds :)
  • When using "-listxml" to create a games list, the driver information is now extracted directly from this output (MAME 0.85 only!), making the "-listdetails" output needed only for older MAME versions that still use the old "-listinfo" output to create the games list
  • A few duplicated routines (merged into large ones)
  • All data extracted from MAME listxml / listinfo output are correctly decoded (HTML tags)
  • Read/write routines of MAME ini files and custom game ini files
  • Extract controllers mapping list
  • All new options from MAME 0.85
  • Menu option: "Generate Sequels File" in "Advanced User" main menu. Use it to create a "sequels.ini" file based on the "series.ini" file maintained by "PaolinoF15"
  • Support for the new ctrlr files (.cfg extension and XML format)
You can get it from here.