Emulators on Mobile Phones


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I didnt know exackly were I could post this so I will leave it to the mod's to sought it out a bit.

I have a Nokia 3650, that can emulate 5-6 type of Emulators Inc. For the..
(Mega Drive) (NES) (MAME) (Commodore 64) (Gameboy) As far as im concern They all work just fine, Testing to see if they are Console or Arcade perfect,and they are! You can download Symbian software free,and download the appropiate Emulator you wish to use.

To start you of using the emulators on your mobile phone (Totally for Beginners)
read on.

1) You must have a Mobile phone (Nokia,Ericsson,Motorolo,N-GAGE etc)

2) You must have Bluetooth Devise Attach to your computer like this one
(Bluetooth enables you to upload any file into your mobile phone,also Your mobile phone must have Bluetooth compatibility)

3) You will need to download an Emulator
Here are some emulators(Change the ALL CATEGORIES in the Menu item in fron off you to EMULATION)

4) With Bluetooth setup on your computer and your mobile phone,start to upload the emulator and install it to your mobile phone and upload a ROM for that paticular emulator onto your phone.

So far I have tested Picodrive and numerous of emulators on my Mobile phone and found it fine and,I really do not use some emulators on the computer anymore thats how good they. SOME that is.

If you dont understand your mobile phone or emulators to use just post in this thread to me,i will do my best to answer them.



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Originally posted by Corey4666@Aug 26 2004, 08:17 PM
dude thats awsome i want to try it i have LEXAR media jumb drive
will it work? i got the one with 128 MB if that helps in anyway at all
do you have to buy and adaptor for the phone so you can plug in the jumpdrive?
or does the phones you listed already have usb ports on them?
sure you have a very nice! flash card...o_O

but how are you going to install the files to your mobile phone?
does that usb 128 mem card connect to your phone? no i think it doesnt.

so you need a bluetooth device like the one i showed you.

you wont be needing that 128 meg card. sorry

here look at this...

|Your phone|<--------------------------->|Computer|

no cords, no nothing simply. :)

You need to buy a bluetooth Device,cost around $50 it is small and connect to the back of your computer.


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But my lexar does the same as the blue tooth it has a usb plug, It plugs into the computers usb it's just when i buy one of the phone's you listed how does the blue tooth hook up to it, Does it need a cable or does it have a usb imput?


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ok, Bluetooth does not need Cables? or Cords? nothing!!
thats what the good thing about Bluetooth can do.
it connects to the back of your PC. and you can start talking to other Bluetooth devices like your Mobile Phone. But your Mobile phone MUST have Bluetooth compatibilty..thus

Dont worry Your Mobile phone will hook up with your computer with no cords!
you have 10 - 100 meters of range. Radio Freqeuncy way.

But before you do this...

Does your Mobile Phone have Bluetooth Compatibilty?

Have you connected the Bluetooth device to the back of your PC?


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I have to get that Phone, cause i hate having to be in one place to play my roms.


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hey guys im new here do you know where i can sega genisis or mame emulators for the motorola mpx220 i already got gba and super nintendo emulators for it. The specs of the phone are :

General Network GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
Announced 2004, 1Q
Status Coming Soon
Size Dimensions 100 x 48 x 27 mm, 96 cc
Weight 110 g
Display Type TFT, 65k colors
Size 176 x 220 pixels, 8 lines
- Second display 4096 colors (96 x 64 pixels)
Optional Ringtones
Vibration In phone
- Polyphonic ringtones
- USB port
- Downloadable ringtones, wallpaper and screensavers
- Ringtone composer
- Photo phonebook
- Build-in handsfree
Memory Numbers in phone 1000
Call records Yes
- 64 MB total memory, 32 MB user accessible
- miniSD card slot (up to 512 MB)
Features GPRS Class 8 (4+1 slots)
Data speed 32 - 40 kbps
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Clock Yes
Alarm Yes
Infrared port Yes
Games Yes
Colors Black
- Build-in 1.3 MP digital camera with video
- Microsoft SmartPhone 2003
- Bluetooth
- MS Pocket Outlook, Pocket IE, MPlayer
- WAP 2.0
- T9
- Sync ML
- Voice memo/dial

Disclaimer. We can not gurantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. Read more

Battery performance
Stand-by Talk time
Standard battery, 1000 mAh Li-Ion Up to 110 h Up to 4 h 30 min

it can display up to a 256k color screen. i know that this would be impossible but out of curiousity has anybody ever heard of nintendo 64 or playstation emulators ? that would be totally awesome if there was but it would take a lot of memory though. maybe in the future. :(


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sorry for the double post there was an error that came up and it posted the message twice. ok so if a anybody knows anything it would be really appreciated.


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was jus wonderin

i was just wondering if there were any emulators compatible with the motorola V80 as i cant find any decent java games compatible with it
by the way it has java, bluetooth and 5mb of memory


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Not directly related but can someone give me the name of the cheapest phone which is capable of emulating mainly SNES, NES and others?


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ive got a nokia 6680 and its a bitch to get emulators working cause most seem to have been made with the nokia 6600 in mind

the ngage seems to be very good for emulators so id recomend either the ngage or 6600 or if you can afford it a N90 ( really the only nokia phone with enough cpu and memory to run all emulators with sound at full speed )

Gameboy Advance http://www.vampent.com/vbag.htm
Snes http://www.vampent.com/vsun.htm
Gameboy Colour http://www.wildpalm.co.uk/SuperGoBoy.html ( you can find a free version with no sound if you look around )
Sega Megadrive http://picodrive.atspace.com/

now the snes emulator barly runs on my phone seriously bad for a comercial product and the GBA emulator doesnt work at all but the gameboy emulator works like a dream and the Megadrive emulator is spot on ( cant play with sounds on )

all of these emulators cost money but im sure you can !*COUGH*!emule!*COUGH*! find it in yourself to pay the miniscuel fee