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Emulators for Palm!


New member
Finally there are loads of good Emus for the palm.

This one is especially nice:
Little John Palmos

It emualates:
- Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
- Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
- Nintendo Gameboy/Gameboy Color (GB/GBC)
- Sega Genesis/Megadrive
- Sega Master System (SMS)
- Sega Game Gear (GG)
- Bandai Wonderswan/Wonderswan Color (WS)
- NeoGeo Pocket/NeoGeo Pocket Color (NGP)

And most are already astonishing stable!

Or look for a big list of others:
PDA Arcade

Maybe some can be included on the mainpage.

Playing Mario, Sonic, ... on the palm. Too good to be true.