dying from video games


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holy shit 50 hours!!
damn that guy was dumb. i cant last in front of my comp or tv ALL DAMN DAY. i just have to go out and do somthing else besides burn my damn eyes out.


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50 hrs what a weakling. i've done 74. its not really a hard thing to do. you just need a fun game. (preferably multiplayer) and a bunch of friends (preferably not good at said game) and a ton of soda (preferably MT. Dew). the guy probably didnt only do the 50 hours. im sure he did non-stop gaming over a period of time. the 50 hour block of it was probably the last straw. as long as you eat healthy and sleep you can do nearly anything. not to mention that guy was taking "short naps" i doubt it was very strainful. he really killed himself im sure. i doubt it was b/c of the 50hr gaming alone.


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from what my friend read, he told me that the guy was playing StarCraft.

The game is fun but it really does get old after a few hours...