dolphin gamecube


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Anyone got zelda windwaker working properly for dolphin and how are u playing it.
1-Of a orginal gamecube disk
2-downloaded windwaker gcm.
3-ripped it of the orginal(how do u do that)

thanks for the comments :)


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gamecube emulation isnt at the point where it does anything yet. no commercial games for a while

El Fugitivo

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I think that to rip GameCube discs you need Phantasy Star Online and the broadband stuff. There's some sort of trick you do with that, though I'm not sure how you do it or whether you need a certain version of the game or something like that.


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In fact if you have a fast internet connection you can search for the Zelda WW iso on the net.
You can only load it on a real GC.
Dolphin can start Zelda in low frames,with glitches and textures missing and freezes afterwards.