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Dolphin Final 1.03.2 x64 BETA


Zoo Keeper
Last year the Dolphin Beta testing team (CKemu/Chaoscode/Knuckles) already posted shots of Dolphin 1.03.2 x64 which also has dualcore support.
Original thread link: Dolphin64 screenshot topic

Well finally you can test this version aswell, however there are a few general notes:
- Remember that this version is a PRIVATE BETA version.
- This means it is less stable than Dolphin 1.02, USE AT OWN RISK.
- This version requires a 64bit operating system (either Windows XP64 or Vista64)
- The graphics/audio plugins haven't been upgraded.
- Due core changes some games might run better, some might run worse or not at all
- Speed is now CPU dependant, dualcore is obviously helps a lot.

Quote from Chaoscode: "SSBM is 100% playable with 100% speed on my crappy computer."

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