Direct64 0.5 ALPHA Released!


Staff member
Here are the changes in this N64 graphics plugin:
  • Changed graphics API from OpenGL to DirectX 9
  • Changed combiner to use pixel shaders (PS 2.0 recommended)
  • Added software triangle clipping
  • Added overscan simulation
  • Added software depth buffer rendering (see Zelda coronas/lens flare)
  • Added Zelda "four suns" bug hack
  • Added OrkinSampling (FSAA doesn't work with the new framebuffer
  • Added preliminary LOD factor support (see SM64 Bowser/Peach painting transition)
  • Added HQ2X and HQ4X texture filters (thanks to Maxim Stepin)
  • Improved S2DEX and S2DEX2 microcode support
  • Improved blender emulation
  • Improved noise emulation using pixel shaders
  • Improved depth image support
  • Improved color image support
  • Improved depth bias for decals
  • Fixed a bug related to switching microcodes using gSPLoadUCodeEx
  • Fixed a bug in the blender that could cause fog to be enabled at the wrong time
  • Fixed a bug that could cause missing textures if an advanced filter is selected
You can get it from here.