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last night i went and saw david bowie. not sure if it deserved its own thread. there was a threat of rain - it sprinkles during the support act - but the skies cleared for bowie :)

i thought he was amazing

he opened with rebel rebel - came out wearing tight black pants, with a brown leather belt, black top, red tie sort of thing and a jacket.

he looked good

can't quite remember what he played - fame was the third song i think, a highlight for me. he lost the jacket not long after this and he was wearing a black sleeveless shirt but i was too far away to read what it said. i was fairly close to the front and off to the right - luckily he favoured the right of the stage. he played a good range of songs - some old, some new, a couple of covers (pixies - cactus and velvet underground - white light white heat). man who sold the world not long after - so beautiful.

under pressure was probably song of the night. the whole band was excellent but the female vocalist who did freddy's part - i think her name was gail - she had the most interesting voice - sounded a lot like freddy. so much passion in the song - the whole crowd was so into it. afraid of america was good - loved the screens behind him as well.

i think he did heroes fairly close to the end. came out and did 3 songs as encore - changes was one of them - can't remember the other 2 at the moment.

easily one of the best concerts i have been too. my mum and brother were half a k away in the grandstand - but still thought it was fantastic. sound was perfect, crystal clear and not too loud
crowd was happy, david was sooooo motherfucking sexy, i think he's the sexiest man alive. he's such an entertainer, i love him.

Jet Set Willy

I like how he spells his own name in Cactus, instead of the P-I-X-I-E-S bit.

Nice writeup.


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i should have written it last night - my memory is not so good, when i get home i will listen to some bowie and it will all come back to me.

i didnt bother taking photos - he would have been too small. i was close enough to see facial expression at least :)


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Well...my personal opinion...I think David Bowie is sexy as hell :wub:
Flame if you must!


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Bi-sexual 50 year olds are amazinly sexy, why would we flame you?

"Rebel-Rebel" rocks, sounds like a great fucking time.


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other songs he played i forgot to mention:
New Killer Star
Pablo Picasso
Life on Mars
Ashes to Ashes
Suffragette City
Ziggy Stardust (final song)


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set list from melbourne show:

1 Rebel Rebel (from Diamond Dogs, 1975)
2 New Killer Star (from Reality, 2003)
3 Fame (from Young Americans, 1975)
4 Cactus (from Heathen, 2002)
5 Reality (from Reality, 2003)
6 All The Young Dudes (from David Live, 1974)
7 China Girl (from Let's Dance, 1983)
8 Hang Onto Yourself (from Ziggy Stardust, 1972)
9 The Loneliest Guy (from Reality, 2003)
10 The Man Who Sold The World (from The Man Who Sold The World, 1970)
11 Pablo Picasso (from Reality, 2003)
12 Hallo Spaceboy (from Outside, 1995)
13 Sunday (from Heathen, 2002)
14 Heathen (The Rays) (from Heathen, 2002)
15 Under Pressure (from Queen's Hot Space, 1982)
16 Life On Mars? (from Hunky Dory, 1971)
17 Slip Away (from Heathen, 2002)
18 Looking For Water (from Reality, 2003)
19 Starman (from Ziggy Stardust, 1972)
20 Quicksand (from Hunky Dory, 1971)
21 Days (from Reality, 2003)
22 White Light, White Heat (from Ziggy Stardust soundtrack, recorded 1973)
23 Ashes To Ashes (from Scary Monsters, 1980)
24 Panic In Detroit (from Aladdin Sane, 1973)
25 I'm Afraid of Americans (from Earthling, 1997)
26 "Heroes" (from Heroes, 1977)
27 Try Some Buy Some (from Reality, 2003)
28 Five Years (from Ziggy Stardust, 1972)
29 Suffragette City (from Ziggy Stardust, 1972)
30 Ziggy Stardust (from Ziggy Stardust, 1972)

my memory is slowly warming up
he made all the young dude a sing a long, then said we did so well that he was going to leave the next song to us - and he did, he covered his mouth, and then congratulated us for being only one of two crowds to get the first verse of little china girl. then he stopped the song and began it again :)

he gave a shout out to all the illegitimate people outside - the venue was in the middle of the city so some of the people outside had a better view than some ticketholders.


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i remember having a nightmare about the labyrinth when i was little. i thought those guys where going to try and take off my head and throw it around. :eek: