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Hey guy's (long time no see). A while back I installed Dameon Tools on my computer to see how good it was compared to Alcohol 120%... Anyway, when I uninstalled Dameon Tools from my computer I realized too late that I had not disabled its virtual drives. Now I'm stuck with 2 virtual drives that won't go away... I've gone into device manager and tried uninstalling them and it seems like its ok, but when I restart my computer they're back!!! I don't want to go into system 32 and delete the wrong file either... Any suggestions?

Thanks guys. :happy:
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I would not go as far as deleting files in system32 as that would simply not work.

The easiest solution would be to install DT again, disable the drives and go back to Alcohol. It would take a while but it will probably work.

You can also check for this problem in the official DT forums.


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Well Lefty as it turns out I did have to delete some sys files (nothing Windows needs) from the driver’s folder... When I re-installed DT the second time around it must have confused my system because from that point on I couldn’t start my computer without getting the "blue screen of death". I re-booted in safe mode, and deleted the sys files Alcohol and DT created for the drives. I tried everything else and this seemed to be the only thing that worked. I’m back to normal.

Thanks for the advice anyway man.