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Daemon Tools 4.0


New member

it fixes indeed most or even all blacklists - however, it is STILL a SCSI-Emulator, therefore it's still necessary to remove present IDE-Drives!

To sum it up:
- NO IDE-Jammer atm - we are working on it! No ETA for it - it's done
when it's done!
- ADWARE INCLUDED - you can, however, UNCHECK that ADWARE at installation!

The changelog for V4:

- complete redesign from scratch
- support of 4 virtual drives
- ONLY X32-supported now. X64 will follow
- Drivername randomly generated on each machine (not finished yet)
- Drive-vendor and versionnumber randomly generated
- Complete new emulation architecture
- DCP (DaemonCodeProtect) to make analyses harder and increase development time for malicious anti-DT tools
- Digital signature verification of applications who are trusted to access DT in secure mode
- AutoInsertNotification fully implemented (can be turned on/off at ControlPanel)
- Dropped: MS-Installer, DT now use modificated NullsoftInstaller
- Dropped: analog sound support (as Windows 2000 and above do not need this feature)
- supports all popular copyprotections

Downloads at the offcial site are not currently working, you might get it here


Staff member
FINALLY!!! I can't even remember how many times they delayed this release.

Since Daemon Tools IS an emulator as well as a very important tool for emulators I'll set up a news item right away.

Edit: Done.
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New member
hm.. interesting, I'll think I'll keep my old version though. That adware thing is making me feel a bit uneasy.


New member
It's possible to avoid installing the adware stuff, no problems here about it. On the other hand I recommend to uninstall any previous DT version, although the DT4 installer would ask for removing it. I had a litle problem about that, so I guess it's better to do it first
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