Touko White

I'm cute, aren't I?
Basically you wish for something, then somebody else posts back granting the wish, with something go wrong.

Like so:
Dixie Kong said:
I wish some bubblegum.
zblerp2 said:
Granted, it's only on your computer screen.
I wish there was a follow up to the Mega Drive.
Genesis said:
Granted, but the UK don't get it.
I wish that all boards used ABXD.

If that's an idea on how to play, it probably is.

I wish people didn't moan about Windows Vista when it was a good OS.


Rookie Developer >_> <_<
imposible all are fanboys of consoles and new operating systems
i wish be programmer

Touko White

I'm cute, aren't I?
Granted, but you can only know Java and your code is instable more than even IE6.
I wish I could port Zero Wing to DS.