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wassup guys.
ok so I downloaded a dvd image (nrg) that is exactly 4.35GB it was named
"mame0.85 1/7" (sort of like what the person in this thread Downloaded, exept hers has a "4/7" at the end not "1/7) mame did not come on the image, it came with about 2000+ roms
on it (but no MAME). all the roms are zipped and named so mame can recognize'em. Now I dont know what the short names mean (i.e- I dont want have to play all the games through to find which ones I want to keep.
I just want to look at a list of roms that have both the real name and the "MAME" name.

does such a thing exist?

sorry if this has been asked before/stupid question.
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Use a version of MAME that has a front end.

Also look into CLR Mame Pro, a Rom Manager that will build a list of all the games you do have from the MAME executable (the console one without a GUI )


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thanks but I'm kinda having the same problem that this guy is having
I didnt rename the roms and mame still doesn't recognize them.
I'm using mame32 btw but I guess I'm gonna have search through the list of 5000+ roms manualy
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Type either on command line (start->execute->cmd) or in a batch file. I'm taking mame.exe as the excutable, change it acordly:

mame -listfull > gamelist.txt

The generated gamelist.txt will be like this:
Name: Description:
puckman "PuckMan (Japan set 1, Probably Bootleg)"
puckmana "PuckMan (Japan set 2)"
puckmanf "PuckMan (Japan set 1 with speedup hack)"
puckmanh "Puckman (Falcom?)"
pacman "Pac-Man (Midway)"
pacmanf "Pac-Man (Midway, with speedup hack)"
puckmod "PuckMan (Japan set 3)"

There are much more gamelist options, just check mame docs folder "windows.txt" ;)
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[sorry for the Double post]

geez, I wasted almost a day downloading that file [4+GB] and The only good games that I got out of it were the 1942 and 19xx series (you know, the airplane game) and crusin' USA/world, and a few other games, so I had to throw out about 2,000 rom sets. But I like those airplane games(classics)
Oh and I got Mame32 to finally recognize all of my roms (all I had to do was delete the old Mame32 and re-download it then Install It back to the same place I had
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If you want to know what the names are and see if they will work with mame try here make sure you download the mame dat file it only works with mame 97 or mame 32.97


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RomCenter you might create your Mame dats from scratch, you only need the Mame version you prefer. Also work with clrMamePro

Btw, the RomCenter web has links to Roms site, so better don't post it here