Changed my sig, could I get some opinions?

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Mupen64 Man

Big fan of Mupen64
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I think that its a nice simplification and better visually then my old sig, but I wanna know what you guys think.


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If you could get you Avatar spelled out as Mupen64 Man for you signature and probably have a character from a N64 game burst out from the left, right or both sides that would be cool or famous icons from games like the Health & Oxygen from 007, the Triad from Zelda or the SOCOM icon from Metal Gear solid.

- Like the controller flying in shooting laser beams
- A pile of assorted N64 cartridges beside a gamer with a controller & n64, in front of the tv in pixel.
- A Ring of Pixel games around the word Mupen64 Man
- Picture of Characters & titles.
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