Champions' League Season 2004-2005


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Well Champions' League started today without a great surprice.
Panathinaikos,the Greek team that played today,won altough we needed luck.
The results

Arsenal 1-0 PSV Report
Panathinaikos 2-1 Rosenborg
Celtic 1-3 Barcelona
Shakhtar 0-1 Milan
Inter 2-0 Bremen
Valencia 2-0 Anderlecht
Porto 0-0 CSKA Moskva
PSG 0-3 Chelsea


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Ajax 5 - 0 Juventus.


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Deportivo 0-0 Olympiacos
Liverpool 2-0 Monaco Report
Leverkusen 3-0 Real Madrid
Roma 0-1* Dynamo Kyiv
Ajax 0-1 Juventus
M. Tel-Aviv 0-1 Bayern
Fenerbahçe 1-0 Sparta
Lyon 2-2 Man. United

Well I thought Ajax would win too.Thank god I didn't bet on him winning.

Frisk injury halts match
The fixture between AS Roma and FC Dynamo Kyiv was suspended at half-time after referee Anders Frisk was hit by an object from the crowd.


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Me, huh i bet a lot of money for BARCELONA

This year no one will stop this team.

I bet 20.000 USD people and first task for BARCELONA is crashing MILAN
I hate MILAN so much cause i am a fan of INTER MILAN.

Hope i win cause i win 100.000 USD if BARCELONA win the competition.
I wish so much so :rolleyes: I would be happy for some time than.