Bots Bots everywhere


Im whole time here and i seen bots or people which are spammers.

Often use advertisement and repeat answers.

Also hide spam links in their answers.

How rid of them all and where is admin ?

Thats all for now.
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How to get rid of them all? It's easy, you wait for them to post and you delete the message/ban.

I am already doing this a couple of times every day, deleting everything I can catch or if it is very destructive. There is really no way to permanently stop them.


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Not that hard as it looks. For the bots at least it takes a couple of clicks to get rid of ALL the posts of a single account. It takes more work for the bot itself to register and post :)


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Cleaning up the mess where I can. Use the notify button to get our attention, that helps.


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I constantly read the smaller articles as well as clarify their motives, and that also happens with this article!
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