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As you may have known, there has been many SPAM posts/threads recently. I only ask you to not reply on those threads, because your posts will disappear anyway and you're not contributing to the community at all. Zach has already posted something about this matter some time ago, so I'm gonna make it sticky so everyone can read it.

Zach said:

This is not an official post from the Staff of EZ, this is a personal post initiated by me.

The report function is a great tool that helps us, help you. By reporting posts with spam and rule violations, you are doing your part to healthily participate in keeping the forum clean of useless spam, and violations.

However I'd like to ask that when such posts appear on the forum, you not waste your time posting in the threads. All you need do is use the report post function, and as soon as a staff member receives notification, we can take care of it.

There are obvious times when it is OK to post in some of these threads, such as when a legitimate new member makes a mistake and needs to be warned. However keep several things in mind.

The forum has moderators, it is our job to be firm with people, and show 'attitude' if necesarry. Members posting mean spirited or insulting comments about broken rules are not very necesarry, and are unwarranted. It is not your job as a member to talk down to others, or speak harshly in the same manner about similar subjects. Let us handle that, please.

Likewise, impatient attitudes with the resolution of a problem are also uncalled for. I am speaking of things such as "omg ban already" "someone please take care of this, I reported it hours ago!" or other similar comments. This is not aimed at any forum member, I am just using examples of innapropriate behavior when it comes to being respectful of the chain of events and progress on the forum.

I don't think that the requests I've made are unreasonable. As many of you know by now, I started getting very vocal about the way things are around here few months ago, after having been a member for many years. In the past I have myself, been very critical of staff and posted very blunt comments which can still be read today. However, since becomming a moderator a few months ago, I have done my best to help enforce the rules of EZ and keep our small community clean and as respectful as possible, even though I have very limited time.

I know it's easy to point to all the posts and behavior of both myself and other members in the past and ask why everyone should 'change' or not act like others have in the past, but part of moving into the future is letting go of bad parts of the past and looking forward to better, mature, acceptable ways of communication.

We still have many goofy and fun threads, such as Honka! Where anything essentially goes.. But why don't we all try to be a little better about things when posting in serious threads?

Try not to:
Go off topic - This includes sides discussions that pop up innocently. Please make a new thread or continue in Private Messages.

Be Rude - There is no need to post stuff like "you're a n00b omg that's so easy" and other obvious insults.

If you're going to curse don't make up stupid words or censors - At EZ we have a pretty open ended rule about cursing. As long as it isn't excessive we don't really care, as long as it is in context. Gratuitous or useless cursing for the sake of it is in poor taste, and shows a lack of interest in real conversation or debate in a thread.

Censoring doesn't do anything except look stupid. If you are too embarrassed to print the whole word, just use another word that means roughly the same thing. It doesn't make you look cool, or anything else when you post ugly, nonsensical crap like "@$$" "F*CK!" etc.

So please guys, when people post rom requests, or post links to roms, just be nice. Post a polite reminder, "You can't request or post ROM links here, please go read the rules" - you can hyperlink "rules" to point to them, and you can then report the post to the staff.

When someone has already posted a reply to a thread in violation of the rules DO NOT CONTINUE POSTING. Consider the issue dealt with and move on, there is no need to add more SPAM to the thread. There is no excuse to post rude remarks

Internet forums constantly get new members who ask the same questions. If you know a link to the question that has the answer, feel free to post the link and kindly suggest the SEARCH function in the future.

If you think the question is stupid/retarded/a monkey could figure it out - Keep it to yourself. No one cares ,and it doesn't do anything but start arguments between members new & old alike. Just be kind, and be respectful and everyone will have a good experience.

Thank you for your time, and I hope posting this will not turn out to have been a waste of time. We'll all function better and grow tighter as a family if we keep moving on the right track to respect.
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