Atari++ 1.33 Released!


Staff member
Here are the changes for version 1.33:
  • Improved the runtime behaivour of the CPU a little bit, it might be a bit (likely unnoticably) faster.
  • Added proper emulation of artifacts on colored background. Thanks to Slor for making pictures of the real NTSC artefacts. The resulting emulation is an emulation and not yet 100% accurate, though much closer than before.
  • Fixed a compilation/configuration error. On some systems, libSDL requires explicit linkage against libpthread.
  • Added a keyboard type-ahead buffer that allows you to type faster than the emulated Atari is able to react. This avoids swallowed keyboard events.
  • The Percom/815 and Happy floppy drive extended command sets can now be disabled or enabled to avoid compatibility problems with software that requires that certain commands fail on the disk drive.
  • The GUI supports and recognizes now the scroll wheel available on most modern USB and PS/2 mice.
You can get it from here.